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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Adventures of Weirdo the Alien

When I was in elementary school, I had a favorite number: six. It was the number on my soccer jersey and for some reason I thought six was the best number ever. I used to think four was the best because that was my older sister's favorite number and I wanted to be just like her. But, I had to pick my own number because the number four jersey was already taken on my soccer team. So, six it was. And it was great. It was so great, I started to doodle in my notebook at school. Eventually, the doodles evolved until I created ... drumroll ...


In case you don't see how six turned into Weirdo, take a look at his goggles. Awesome. I started drawing Weirdo all the time. Why the name Weirdo? Because he's weird, naturally. And he wears a shirt that says Weirdo on it. Duh. I'm not sure why this little guy stuck with me all these years, and how I can still draw him exactly the way I used to (probably because my drawing skills never got any better). But anyway, I wanted to share him with you. And now, the very weird adventures of Weirdo!

*Yes, I know I kind of stole the mer-man idea from an episode of Family Guy. But it was funny, dang it.

WiP Update: I've decided on a new name for my main character and have reached 6,000 words. I'm not writing in sequential order so we'll see how it turns out in the end. Right now I'm having trouble with those in-between scenes, the ones that lead up to the main points. I figure as long as I keep writing I'll get those scenes filled in. I just wrote a dream sequence that I'm pretty happy with. Yay!

Random Suggestion: Saw the Adjustment Bureau over the weekend. LOVED IT! I highly recommend this movie. It's a love story with some action and mystery. Hubs and I both enjoyed it very much.

How are your WiPs going? Should I continue blogging about the adventures of Weirdo the Alien? If so, what other planets would you like to see him visit? Sorry, I'm not a very good drawer. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love Wierdo. He's got some shiek goggles. :D

  2. Ha!! I love Weirdo! (I'm also a big fan of drawing blogs, so I vote more! I especially liked the mermaid/man.) My WIP's going somewhat well...but like I said, it's a sequel and I'm researching more on how to write those than actually writing it. Good luck on your WIP, too...and congrats on the 6k!