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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting Pantsed


The other night, I was a little stuck on how to move forward with a scene in my WiP. I started writing it because my character told me to, to be honest. But then she didn't tell me where the scene was going. I guess she didn't know either.

Boy, oh boy. Were we in for a surprise.

Something crazy happened that I didn't expect. I LOVE that. I love the freedom that pantsing provides. I was starting to worry that my story was getting a little dull, to be honest. The unexpected twists and turns are so fun and make the story feel natural. Plus, I don't have the foresight to plan out every single step. But I'm still new at this; my writing style might change.

I'm a little worried that I'm going to pants myself into a sticky situation (wow, that sounds so wrong). So let me ask a question to my fellow pantsers: Have you written yourself into a corner before? What are the dangers of pantsing that you've run into?

A couple of weeks ago, I announced a second home here in blogging world at The Secret Archives of the Alliterati. My fellow Alliterati members and I had a full week of contests with awesome prizes (mostly free books) last week. All of the contests are still open, so head on over there and enter!! My contest ends tonight at midnight PST. Click here for the details.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last week, you may have noticed I was missing from Twitter and blog comments because I was on VACATION! That magical time where everyone else is at work and you're off on an adventure, trekking through forests, encountering woodland creatures and basking in the glory of nature. Otherwise known as hiking and fishing in Mammoth, CA. :)

I'll post some pics from my adventures soon. But today, I have a very exciting announcement! After a rigorous application process including several interviews, riddles, obstacle courses and a blood test, I have been deemed worthy enough to join the ranks of The Secret Archives of the Alliterati. I will post every Tuesday (hey ... that's today, isn't it? My post is there now).

My fellow Alliterati members are L.T. Host (my awesome BFF and the reason I started writing), K.M. Criddle (amazing artist and crit partner; she's moving to Japan in a few days...SNIFFF), Taryn Tyler (gifted fantasy writer and awesome crit partner), and Matthew Delman (steampunk enthusiast and new friend).

I would love it for you to check it out. We have some fun stuff planned, including an upcoming CONTEST. Whee! Have a great Tuesday :).