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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Redecorating & Fun with Fake Words

I'm baaaaaaaack....

Well, it's not like I went anywhere. I've just been using my blogging energy over at The Secret Archives of the Alliterati. If you aren't following that blog, there are five of us who are all in different stages of our writing and who write different styles - contemporary fantasy (me), steampunk, traditional fantasy and various types of YA. So please come join us if you don't follow us already! And, I'm on Twitter - all the time.

But I do want to revamp my blog here. What do you think of the redecorating I did? The design reflects my current WiP and is also very calming. I also really love the font on the title - it's called "Rock Salt." It's all about nature, nature, nature!

WiP Update
I'm cheating a little with NaNoWriMo and instead of doing the full-on 50k, I've made a more modest goal of 50 pages. Day job and life leaves smaller chunks of time to write, and I know that trying to write the full 50k or even trying to finish my current WiP (about 35k to go) by November 30 would be daunting task that I would easily give up on. Baby steps.

Last night (the second day) I wrote more than 1,100 words - so I'm on track at nearly 2,000 words. I've gotten through the BIG REVELATION scene, and now I'm working through the aftermath. I think this next part will be tough to get through because I don't have an exact plan for what I want to happen. It should be slow and subtle - I wish I could just throw in an explosion or something. Wish me luck!

Fun with Verification Words!
I've been saving these up for a LOOOOOOONNNG time. These are the words you type in when you're trying to leave a comment on someone's blog to verify that you are a human. They're fake words (mostly), but here's what they COULD mean:

  1. Serium - On the periodic table of elements of magic, discovered by Sirius Black
  2. Panni - Nickname for panties
  3. Crocych - An itch a crocodile has
  4. Unduc - When you've ducked something and you want to undo it
  5. Winglo - What you use to polish your wings
  6. Oatime - Guess what time it is?! Time for oats!
  7. Querech - That sick, gagging feeling you get during the query process
  8. Dummi - The stupid Gummi Bear
  9. Prowni - A professional brownie. Chocolate is serious business.
  10. Proser - Someone who pretends to write prose
  11. Degazorm - The bad guy in the Power Rangers
  12. Werses - What you say when you can't find the the right words (like "curses")
There were quite a few (OK, a lot) I couldn't come up with definitions for. I thought it would be fun if you guys picked a word and made up your own definition. Or, make up another definition for the ones I already did. There are enough verification words for all!!
  1. Consl
  2. Tescema
  3. Undlyzed
  4. Noushaln
  5. Stervi
  6. Ulaterch
  7. Edosioni
  8. Cromiso
  9. Valspatt
  10. Pedne
  11. Nerslub
  12. Somishas
  13. Thenwanc - 
  14. Mitusn
  15. Hypanfie
  16. Ovensi
  17. Purkhod
  18. Ishist
  19. Yadioli
  20. Reister
  21. Eutessn
  22. Ingstann
  23. Fadeco
  24. Surroonv


  1. Prownie is my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then Oatime! Hehe...That was super cute.

  2. Ha-ha! I love inventing definitions for verification "words." I have a regular "Verifictionary" feature on my blog, too.

    How about this one:

    16. ovensi -- where you bake the cakesi and the piesi.

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