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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Awards! And 7 Things About Me

I'm a lucky, lucky girl. This week I received not one, but TWO blog awards from two very awesome bloggers! They are my very first blog awards, so I shined them up and hung them on the side of my blog for all the world to see. Aren't they pretty? *stands back and admires sparkly awards*

I feel bad, though. I haven't posted in - cough - two weeks *hangs head in shame*. Day job has kept me super busy. I am frantically trying to catch up on other people's blogs today! I had a whole week of blog posts to read, hence my delayed comments on some of yours. But the marketing conference for the day job is over and other stuff shouldn't get in the way as much. I apologize for neglecting you.

Update on my WiP - I'm stuck. So, I've been procrastinating and avoiding it lately. Again, I hang my head in shame. One of my BFFs is looking over my outline and is going to try to help me decide where to go next. I have the whole book outlined, but it's those in-between bits that have me struggling. The finite details. The little nuances and side stories. *sigh* But I WILL NOT GIVE UP! I'm far from giving up, it just stinks to be stuck in this spiral of suck when I haven't even hit the dreaded middle yet.

To the awards!!
My first award came from Anita Grace Howard, who writes YA and adult fantasy and just posted her book trailer for SPLINTERED on the top right of her blog. It looks awesome! It's like a dark Alice in Wonderland story. I can't wait to read it! So, she created the Wonderland Bloggy Awards! She lovingly bestowed this award to me *squee!!*

Thank you, Anita!! I love it, and it's super special because it's my very first award. *hugs*

My second award comes from the lovely Melanie McCullough, who writes mostly horror, urban fantasy and mystery. Plus we have similar tastes in TV Shows. She bestowed upon me this very classy, stylish award. Yippee!!
With this award comes a few rules:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself. 
3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

So here are my seven random facts:

  1. I am SCUBA certified - My favorite vacation ever has been my honeymoon, largely because we got to scuba dive for the first time! It was AMAZING. I've always loved the ocean and snorkeling, but scuba literally transports you into a different world. Since our honeymoon nearly three years ago, Hubs and I got scuba certified on Kauai a year ago. I really want to go diving again!
  2. Like Melanie, I too am very shy. I am horrible at small talk, hence why I never did well at customer service and I don't like big parties very much. I have gotten better and more outgoing over the years. Perhaps I'm beginning to care less what people think about me. I'm getting more comfortable just being myself.
  3. I just started a fitness challenge sort of like the Biggest Loser. My sister and I are taking a fitness class each week and we're trying to get in shape for our half marathon next month. We get extra points for keeping a food journal. Though it's only been a week, this has been difficult especially at a work conference. It has definitely helped me avoid snacking because then I have to write it down.
  4. I love Disneyland. I know I've said this before, but I have to say it again because I LOVE it. My favorite ride is probably Pirates of the Caribbean. I can ride it over and over, mostly because it's relaxing and fun and there's treasure! Side note - on our honeymoon in the Caribbean, we ate at a French/New Orleans style restaurant during a thunderstorm by the ocean and it felt like we were in that Pirates world. Loved it!
  5. One of my favorite movies is Stardust. I love stories about magic and mystery, especially when they're set in a different world in an older, simpler time. I especially love the sky pirate that Robert DeNiro plays.
  6. I have a cat who loves me and hates Hubs. It's funny and sad at the same time. She's very skittish and doesn't usually come out for anyone except me (and L.T. Host - she loves her!). But she is afraid of Hubs and hisses at him. I think she's jealous of him or something.
  7. I don't like coffee. Yesterday I even tried a couple sips and I confirmed that I still don't like it. Sometimes I feel left out when everyone has their warm cups in the morning and I have my water. Oh well, I guess it's good that I don't rely on caffeine to wake up.
So there you have it! And now, to give the award 5 new blogging buddies! Feel free to hang it on your blog if you like :).
  1. Jeigh - I feel like we're kindred spirits. I love her blog.
  2. Lisa Ritter Cannon from YA Know. She always gives me something to think about and great writing tips.
  3. Jeanmarie Anaya - Another kindred spirit.
  4. Linda Grimes - Hilarious! Enough said. I also kind of stole her idea to make up definitions for the verification words (psst - I hope that's OK. You get the credit).
  5. K.M. Criddle - Not a new buddy, but I love her drawgs so much! She's an awesome crit partner too.
I have several other blogs that I would love to give the award to, but many are ones I've followed for a while. Eeep, this was difficult! You're all awesome. Special mention to my other critique partners Taryn Tyler and L.T. Host (who writes every Monday on The Secret Lives of the Alliterati).

Congrats to my winners and thank you again to Anita and Melanie!!


  1. Stardust is awesome, but, then, it is written by Neil Gaiman.
    I have the same problem with coffee. I actually did a blog post on that recently, since it's hard to get a membership in the writers' club if you don't like coffe. Or, at least, tea. Which I'm also not very big on.

  2. Aw, thanks. :) And of course I don't mind. I think everybody should make up definitions for those verification words -- it's fun! :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry, I found a typo in the other one. LOL

    You're so welcome! And just for the record, you make that award look good. Hee

    I LOVE Stardust!! Love love love! But that could be partly because Neil Gaiman is my literary crush. Heh. That's so cool that you scuba dive. I'll bet it's beautiful down there.

    Thanks so much for your nice words about my book and trailer. You rock!

    Oh, and as for the coffee, don't feel sad about being left out. ;) Herbal tea is just as good. Have you ever tried that?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks!

    Andrew & Anita - I don't like tea either. Yesterday, Hubs wanted to go to Starbucks so I decided to get lemonade and green tea mixed. It was icky. I drank it all, but next time I'll get the tea sweetened at least.

    Linda - Thanks! I felt bad about stealing your idea. I'll make up some definitions next time!

    Anita - OMG STARDUST!! It didn't get as popular as I think it deserved. This is one movie I'll try to make my future kids watch over and over (I don't have any kids yet, LOL).

  7. Those are some shiny awards! They look quite stylish against the background of this thoughtful blog.

    Haha. Coffee and I have a long going love-hate relationship. I couldn't stand the sight of the stuff for years on end and now that I love it it makes me chatter worse than a glass of wine too many because my system never got used to it . . .

  8. Sorry it took me so long to respond, but thank you for the award! I'll have to think long and hard for seven interesting things about myself :)

    Stardust is my favorite movie, too! I watched it every day for about a week straight when I first discovered it. And Robert DeNiro, well, genius, that's what he is. LOVE it!

  9. I have yet another award for you if you would like some more shiny things to hang up your stylish blog!

  10. Congrats on your awards! Very cool.

    I've never scuba dived! But it looks awesome! Good luck with that outline!